Wasps attacked Russian tourists in Sri Lanka

Wasps attacked Russian tourists in Sri Lanka

Four Russian tourists required medical attention after the attack OS in Sri Lanka. All the victims were eight people, according to TASS on Sunday, November 27, with reference to the Manager of the travel company NKAR Travels & Tours Alevtina Yurkovsky.

“It was a group of 14 Russian tourists. It all happened the day before, eight Russians were bitten by wasps, four people received serious bites and had to be taken to the hospital where they received medical assistance. Together with the Russians were also affected tourists from China,” — said Yurkovskaya.

The incident occurred in the town of Dambulla, where is the Buddhist cave temple in South Asia. It is reported that the area has a lot of wasp nests.

The Russian Embassy in Colombo are looking into the circumstances of the incident, if necessary, to provide victims assistance.