Suffering from smog, the Chinese have proposed a clean air for 17 cents a breath

Suffering from the smog to the people of China had offered to new Zealand a breath of fresh air for 17 cents per breath. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

“Packed manually clean, disinfected and oxygenated” air new Zealand is sold in bottles of 7.7 litres and is worth 219 yuan (just over $ 30). The sellers claim that each bottle will allow the owner to make a 180 sighs. For better residents provided air from Canada — it costs 108 RMB ($16), for the most economical Chinese city of Weihai (5 yuan, or 0.7 dollars).

For the Chinese living in the most polluted smog cities (e.g., Beijing), discounts are available. The novelty, however, is appreciated by all. “Breathe this air, large do not feel the difference”, — shared his impressions one of the users of social networks.

In China, the difficult situation with the environment. Due to the high concentration of industrial emissions into the atmosphere, the sky above the cities, where many industrial enterprises, periodically covers could. In December last year, Beijing authorities have introduced the highest — “red” level of ecological concern with the threat of heavy smog. At the same time, the Beijing center for environmental monitoring, said that the content is dangerous for health of particulate matter in the air exceeded the who standards 20 times.