Road signs for eco-friendly transport it is planned to introduce in Russia — media

Road signs for eco-friendly transport it is planned to introduce in Russia — media

MOSCOW, 30 Nov /PRIME/. The Ministry of transport proposes to Supplement the rules of the road the new road signs for sustainable transport and electric vehicles, said in a Wednesday newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the speech of the Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Nikolay Asaul.

In the “Blue buckets” has reminded that in Russia, only 800 cars.

In particular, the characters you typed “Electric vehicle” as an additional sign to be used together with other signs, making combinations from the “Parking for electric vehicles to travel only allowed electric”.

NewsIn Primorye will make cheap electric cars from “beushek”Japanese Shoji Arai Corporation, the government of Primorsky Krai and tekhnokholding “Sumotori” agreed to organize the production of cars on electrotherapy, it is proposed to introduce the sign “Filling station with charging for electric vehicles” with the station.

It is planned to introduce the road signs prohibiting admission of cars or motor vehicles with environmental class below the fourth, and also a sign of the end zones this limitation.

“Projects of decisions, which is expected to approve the presented signs, passed the necessary approval procedure and under consideration of the government of Russia. Signs of environmental friendliness gives the city and municipal authorities preferences to limit movement in different zones of the city vehicles below a certain environmental class,” told the newspaper in a press-service of the Ministry of transport.

Project coordinator of “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov considers the introduction of signs for electric vehicles to be premature, as Russia was now only 800 of these machines.

“The technology of electric vehicles is not as developed below could be applied in our country. We have a cold climate, which reduces battery life”, — he told “Izvestia”.