Lada Kalina disappeared in the Ufa pool

Lada Kalina disappeared in the Ufa pool

In Ufa a parked car Lada Kalina fell under it formed a deep pit with rainwater. Video of a sinking car the eyewitness of an event Vladimir Kobzev has posted on YouTube.

The owner called the rescue, but, as reported in the caption to the video Kobzev, “while MOE was driving, the machine fell to the gills”. The last seconds of the video shows that the car went under water completely.

According to the TV channel “360” arrived on the scene the staff of the emergency services pumped out water from six pits, but the car was not there.

“Employees “Ufavodokanal” they say that the car was taken away by groundwater, and the failure was formed due to the karst cavities. The pipe, according to them, broke through after that,” said the owner of the car Larissa Krasheninnikov. She added that she intends to sue the organization.

Emergency work on a scene over the fact that the pit was filled with sand.