Kindergartens igniting the pyro was declared wanted in the Urals

In Yekaterinburg police found signs and was declared wanted by the pyro, staged arson on the territory of two dozen urban kindergartens. About it reports TV channel “360” on Wednesday, November 30.

“Signs of the alleged attacker: a tall man, about 160 cm, wearing a red down jacket, jeans, sneakers and a bright cap”, — said the employee of the press service of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg Konstantin Kurbatov.

It is established that the fire broke out at night on the terraces of kindergartens. The arsonist was caught on a surveillance camera.

Searching time of the attacker, who police believe a mentally ill person, the protection of pre-school institutions strengthened to patrol the territory connected parents. The leadership of the Yekaterinburg kindergartens ordered to remove from the verandas of all flammable items.

On 25 April it was reported that in St. Petersburg using the FindFace service, calculated two pyromaniac, started two fires at one of the houses at the metro station “Devyatkino”.