Human rights activists told about preparing to rape a refugee

Women and girls are preparing to leave their native countries because of wars and instability, birth control pills, to prepare for possible rape. This is reported by experts of Human Rights Watch, the data of their study, publishes Reuters.

“They know they can with such a high probability of being subjected to violence, but still continue their journey,” — said the researcher of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Hillary Margolis during the annual Trust Women conference, which is held by the Fund Thomson Reuters. According to her, mostly women and girls do self-injection the necessary preparations before leaving your home.

“The idea that if a woman travels with a man, then she’s safe to be misleading. Some women are forced, taken by force, and some homes are exposed to violence,” said Margolis.

Similar information was published by Amnesty International: according to human rights organizations, women seeking in Libya (to move from there to Europe) before the trip, take oral contraceptives.

On 22 September it was reported that volunteers working in the refugee camp “the Jungle” in Calais French, was engaged in the sexual exploitation of their wards.