Dangerous relapse: how Moscow will respond to Kiev in its missile provocations

Tomorrow the Ukrainian military planned to hold the first phase of activities, in varying degrees, affecting the airspace of Russia. We are talking about conducting missile firings scheduled to take place on 1 and 2 December, and “the rocketeer” Square has announced that they intend deliberately to violate the Russian border during these exercises.


In Kiev the media is the real warlike hysteria: the Newspapers are full of the victorious headlines and upcoming launches are regarded almost as the beginning of a large-scale offensive against the “hated aggressor.”


Meanwhile, the Russian side has already taken the necessary measures to prevent provocations. The situation is on control at the management of the state, she focused and specialized agencies.


While our country is concerned not only announced the Ukrainian military trespassing, but the possible repetition of the tragedy in 2001, when the same “exercise” has cost the lives of seven with dozens of extra people. Talking about passengers hit by air defense forces of Ukraine of the Russian Tu-154. By the way, despite the guilt of the Ukrainian “gunners” in the incident, any legally binding action on the part of Kiev did not happen…



License to kill


According to the data disseminated by the Federal air transport Agency of the Russian Federation, November 24, Ukraine issued an aviation notice on activating the dangerous zones in the airspace in connection with the planned on 1 and 2 December 2016 missile firing. All such zones will have two, and, if the first captures the airspace over the high seas (although in the Russian zone of responsibility), the second applies to areas located directly over the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, and even delves into them in 12 km.


As emphasized in the Federal air transport Agency, “the publication of these notifications was not consistent with the Russian competent authorities and air navigation service provider, despite the fact that within these zones are flights of civil and state aircraft”.


As rightly noted in the Department, such actions of the Ukrainian side violated several rules on international air traffic. In the first place – the Convention on international civil aviation adopted in 1944. In addition, it jeopardizes the safety of international air navigation, provides the potential for flight. In fact, as emphasized in the Federal air transport Agency, such irresponsible actions are directly the path of the repetition of catastrophes similar to the tragedies of flight MH17 and the plane of airline “Siberia” was shot down by Ukrainian air defense in October 2001.


Rosaviatsia has demanded from the Ukrainian side the immediate lifting of the notices issued, calling the attempts to establish exclusion zones in the sovereign airspace of Russia unacceptable. At the same time about the illegal actions of Ukraine notified the international civil aviation organization (ICAO). In addition, a protest in connection with the introduction of the Kiev illegal restrictions on flights over the Black sea was expressed by the Ministry of defence.


Appropriate military-diplomatic note was handed by attache of defense at the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow. As noted in the document, “stated the Ukrainian party’s South-Eastern border of the danger zone are out of bounds of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation, which is a violation of international law and Russian legislation”.



“Phantom pain” of Kiev


The territory in question is located in areas adjacent to the Western coast of the Crimea and has a direct relationship to the Russian territorial waters. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian General staff stubbornly identificeret this area as the southern part of Ukraine and airspace as Ukrainian. It was here, according to Kiev, planned to hold some “research exercises air force”, during which the planned firing. While Kiev authorities had thoughtfully taken the “advance warning about the danger of the use of airspace” to include a notification…


In medicine it is called “phantom pain”. It’s when hopelessly sick person amputate his leg, but after surgery, he intuitively reaches out to scratch her thumb. The Kiev authorities, having lost the Crimea as a result of own criminal intrigue, desperately trying to “find” it again. For example, only just subsided screams about the rights of Ukraine on the waters surrounding the Peninsula, including the resources produced here.


Not so long ago, Kiev has announced a new lawsuit, this time associated with a lack on his part of the permit… for the construction of the Kerch bridge. In the actions of Ukrainian officials is traced not so much care for the lost territory as the desire to demand from Russia of money. In particular, the willingness to accompany the lawsuits demands impressive compensation, said first Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova.


The current demarche of the Ukrainian politicians with financial blackmail, like, not connected. While we are talking only about all the same manic denial of the loss of the Crimea and its reunification with Russia. Thus, the head of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov believes that the entire territory West of the Kerch Strait (that is, the whole Crimea and the surrounding waters of the Black sea), are still “the sovereign airspace of Ukraine”.


In addition, according to officials, the missile tests are conducted in the framework of international obligations and treaties. The fact that the missile launch is planned in the area where the flights of civil aviation and where their safe maintenance responsible dispatching services of another state, Turchynov doesn’t seem interested in…


Dangerous relapse


Ukraine is not the first time such irresponsible to rattle a formidable weapon, endangering the lives of hundreds of people. October 4, 2001 in the skies over the Black sea anti-aircraft missile launched during the conducted exercises of the air defense of the APU was downed airliner Tu-154 Russian airlines “Siberia” carrying out flight tel Aviv – Novosibirsk. The deliberate destruction of the aircraft that is shot from SAM was proved in the course of the investigation conducted by the Interstate aviation Committee.


The then Ukrainian leader, Leonid Kuchma, on the one hand acknowledged the liability of the state for the incident and even dismissed a large number of military, including the defense Minister. However, his confession he clothed in a very cynical form, noting in particular that “it is not necessary to do from this tragedy. Mistakes happen everywhere, and not only of this scale.” Kuchma’s words angered the then Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, who in turn called the death of 78 people, most of whom were Israelis, “the greatest tragedy”.



For the current Ukrainian authorities disregard to other people’s lives in General has become a signature style. The killing of civilians in the Donbass, the criminal blockade of the Crimea, the infiltration of sabotage groups on the Peninsula: it’s all in the eyes of the Kiev establishment and brainwashed them citizens seems logical.


The Ukrainian information resource “Apostrophe”, an article appeared in which a “military expert” Alexey arestovich endorses the conduct missile exercises in the airspace of the Crimea, arguing that such actions of Ukraine “clicks Russia by the nose.” To carry out such actions the author suggests at least once a month. “We need to pick points, choose the reasons and ways that will not lead directly to military conflict, but on the verge of a foul” – said this “strategist-provocateur.”


However, for Ukraine today, even the reason for such a “click” generates a mass jubilation. In the local media to cheer the stories on the commissioning of new types of military equipment, on acceptance of the new weapons, on the development of the next “unique” equipment, and its practical application in the area of ATO. Recently, Petro Poroshenko, to the applause of the enthusiastic audience announced the successful testing of the new Ukrainian missile, which, according to him, is shooting for 60 miles and falls into a circle of radius 50 meters.


At the same time, experts tend to believe that this missile, and other “new” Ukrainian “Oboronprom” is nothing more than enhanced the legacy of the Soviet Army inherited by Ukraine when the division of the Soviet Union. In particular, speech can go about trying to revive air defense system “Pechora”, adopted in the USSR in 1961. There is evidence that the modernization of these systems came from a company “aerotekhnika-MLT” – unknown Kyiv cooperative, received a contract from the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Therefore, the risk that the next test of these and other “goods” held to the same incompetent staff, will lead to tragedy, very high…



Under the protection of “Triumph”


Russia considers all risks from inadequate behavior of his neighbor and is taking the necessary steps to protect it from irresponsible actions. In particular, from Rosevile already circulated a warning to airlines about the dangers of flying in an area where Ukraine was unqualified restrictions. According to the Agency, Sergei Izvolsky, we work together with the diplomatic representatives, and hope for prudence on the part of Ukraine still.


According to military journalist and retired Colonel Leonid Pozdeeva, such actions of the current Ukrainian authorities should be regarded as the search of new ways to provoke the Russian side. “For Poroshenko, it is especially important to us to provoke a decisive response now when the United States is a change of government, he believes. – It is necessary to remind Donald Trump that “Ukraine a victim of Russian aggression” in need of American help.”


That Kiev is trying through their actions to draw attention to yourself, I’m sure a member of the Federation Council of Crimea Sergey Tsekov. “They just ended with a list of what they really could do was to block the dam, to arrange food, energy blockade, – said the Senator. – However, the current actions of Ukraine will be followed by a harsh reaction from the international community. After all, this is too much”.


By the way, the residents of Crimea took the recent statements of Kiev is quiet. According to the Deputy of the state Duma from the Peninsula Ruslan Balbec, “such reckless actions of the Kiev regime needs to cause is alarming and of concern to the Ukrainian people. For us, the Crimean people is not affected – neither the population nor the authorities”.



Military expert Boris Dzherelievskoe sure: the Russian Armed Forces has to respond to these provocations. “Our units are quite capable to cancel these “exercises”, as well as (in order of prevention for educational purposes) – and other “activities” of the armed forces of the Kiev junta,” he said. It should say that the reflection of aggression in the aerospace and defense from blows of means air-a space attack is the responsibility of the Troops and missile defense, the Russian space forces.


According to the headquarters of the southern military district this year, stationed in the Crimea anti-aircraft missile regiment of the 4th army of VVS and PVO were armed with modern anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph”. Fighting calculations of the complex were retrained to work on new models of weapons, including conducting rocket launches. It should be noted that the possibility of s-400 allow you to hit any air targets.


The destruction of air targets “Triumph” is achieved at the speed of flight of the target 4.8 km/s and at a range of two to 400 km. to Overcome this line of defense is practically impossible, especially Ukrainian “homemade”, which APU, apparently, and I’m going to test in the skies over the Black sea on December 1-2.


Author: Dmitry Sergeyev

Photo: Sergey Kovalev / Russian Look / Sylvia Lederer / Xinhua / Globallookpress / mil.gov.ua