The media learned about plans of introduction of the advanced course of Orthodoxy from 1 to 11 classes

In Russia, at the request of the Ministry of education and the Russian Orthodox Church examines the possibility of mass implementation in schools of the subject “Orthodox culture” for the duration of training — 1 to 11-th class, writes “Kommersant”.

In the summer the first draft of the course received a negative opinion of experts. However, the authors made corrections, and last week, the Russian Academy of education, without advertising, launched among members of the Federal educational-methodical Association process of absentee voting, which will run until November 30.

Now in the fourth grade are studying the course “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics” (ORKSE), and parents can choose one of the modules: secular ethics, religious culture, Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Judaism. From 1 September 2015 the Ministry of education has introduced a compulsory part of the programme the subject area of “Bases spiritually-moral culture of the peoples of Russia” (ODKNR), calling it “a logical extension” ORKSE.

First discussed the possibility of splitting ORKSE for two years, and then it flowed smoothly if in high school, ODKNR. But this has not happened, the specific items for her appeared. Now the authors propose to fill the subject area of the course “Orthodox culture”. If this happens, parents have no alternatives when selecting, until you develop other courses. This conflict was used by the authors, the newspaper notes.

According to the developers of the course “Orthodox culture”, the graduate of the ninth grade have to know the names of the seven Ecumenical councils and to describe the adopted solutions, navigate the calendar, to enumerate the twelve, passing and neperehodimyh Orthodox holidays, as well as list and describe the types of Church bells and bells.

The results of course, the authors consider “forming a worldview based on the Orthodox moral tradition” and “preparedness for deliberate self-restraint in the consumption of vital goods”.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill in February 2015, said that the Russian Orthodox Church suggested the Ministry of education to expand the course ORKSE. According to the head reserved for him now 34 hours is not enough, in this connection, it is suggested to extend the course for the duration of schooling.