The authorities of the Italian Trieste was thinking about a complete ban on begging

The authorities of the Italian city of Trieste in the North-East of the country is thinking about a complete ban on begging. About The Local reports Tuesday, November 29.

It was specifically noted that the penalty would be not only beggars, but also to give them alms. But that’s not the only innovation: according to the rules proposed by the newly elected city administration, people will be banned for a long time to sit on the ground or lying on the benches — it will be a penalty from 150 to 900 Euro.

It will be impossible to pitch tents in the parks and on the streets. Will be increased and the fines for Smoking and drinking alcohol in parks — for such an offence will have to pay from 100 to 600 € and for illegal Parking (from 25 to 250 Euro).

As told Deputy mayor, a member of the right-wing party “Northern League” Pierpaolo Roberti, these measures were a response to changes in public behavior and will serve to strengthen public security, hygiene and protection of the urban environment.

The initiative has already earned the criticism of opponents. “Roberti wants to ban to sit on the ground. It would be funny if the danger were not real,” — said the representative of the party “five star Movement” Paolo Menis. He also noted that “to take the penalties at the mercy of dictatorial nonsense”.