National policy can allocate 40 billion rubles



In the draft Federal budget for 2017-2019 can be made the cost of new state program on implementation of national policy developed by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities (FADH). The draft state programme worth 40 billion rubles is now undergoing the final approval and is expected to be introduced in the state Duma and the government on 5 December. While the Agency itself can raise the status to the Ministerial.

The project of the program “Implementation of state national policy” the 2017-2025 years aimed at “achieving the priorities and objectives of socio-economic development and national security of the Russian Federation,” reads the explanatory note. The state program includes the development of public-public partnerships, language policy, strengthening the unity of the Russian nation (draft programme and explanatory note are at the disposal of “Izvestia”).

Now the project is the latest agreement with the relevant Federal bodies of Executive power, and next week will be sent to the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance. As expected, after the approval by the Russian government line on the costs of the program will appear in the table of amendments to the draft law On the budget for 2017-2019 for the second reading.

— We need to adopt a number of measures which are now added, the Federal bodies of Executive power. Its already made, the Ministry of culture, Federal tourism Agency, Federal Agency for youth Affairs, Rospechat, the Ministry of education and Ministry of internal Affairs, — has explained “news” the Deputy head of the FADH Mikhail Ipatov.

In particular, the action plan added the youth Patriotic and educational forums, including those dedicated to the prevention and combating extremism on national and religious grounds.

We will remind, the new program must replace the current Federal target program (FTP) “strengthening the unity of the Russian nation and ethnocultural development of the peoples of the Russian Federation”, which was adopted at the end of 2013 and last until 2020. The Federal program was designed to implement the Strategy of state national policy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2025, approved by the President in late 2012. However, in the Federal program have not been addressed such problems as prevention and combating extremism and terrorism, migration, monitoring ethno-religious situation in the regions. These areas have become key in the new state program.

Without waiting for the adoption program, FADH launched a system of monitoring inter-ethnic relations and identify areas of “high voltage” and is currently developing guidelines and mechanisms for responding to potential conflict situations. The Agency has already conducted the first research in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The monitoring showed that only 5% of the population dislike or note the violation on a national basis.

— Developed Agency system can prevent large-scale conflicts on a national basis. Specialists carry out monitoring, including in social networks, reveals bursts of aggression. Then on this promptly notified the authorities and security forces in the region to eliminate the conflict at the initial stage, — said Ipatov. — In social networks immediately obvious what kind of person, can be directly connected Diaspora, national autonomy, and the district municipality to respond immediately.

Currently, there are no situational plans for responding to conflicts between the authorities and subjects, of municipal formations. Therefore, the Agency is preparing guidelines and model response, which subsequently will be adapted in the regions in accordance with the specifics of each of them, said Ipatov.

As follows from the draft state program, in General, its implementation requires more than 40 billion rubles. It consists of eight subprogrammes, the most expensive of which is “Civic identity and ethnocultural development of the peoples of the Russian Federation” (16,7 billion roubles) and “Public-public partnership” (11.2 billion rubles). Sub-program “Russian language and languages of the peoples of Russia” should cost about 479 million roubles, “Indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation” — 2.6 billion, “Socio-cultural adaptation and integration of migrants”, in 763 million, “the Russian Cossacks” — in 765 million, “Prevention of extremism on national and religious grounds” is 4.7 billion, more 358,4 million is provided to support the implementation of the state program.

Interestingly, the volume of financing of state programs in 2016 as a whole was reduced by more than 411 billion. Thus, financing innovative development and modernization of the economy is reduced by $ 250 billion, development of the transport system 80 billion, agriculture development 22 billion on space activities 20.5 billion, 99.7 billion decreased programme-a new quality of life, health development, social support of citizens. But national defense and security received 37.6% more than was previously planned, and the development of the pension system — by 7.6% more.

Ipatov said that the government is the creation of the state program supports.

Recall that the FADH was created by presidential decree on 31 March 2015, and November 2016, the media reported that the question of upgrading the status of the Agency to the Ministerial level. It was stated that currently, FADH, which is not subordinate to any Ministry that lacks resources and authority to implement netzpolitik. The government is considering the matter, confirmed Ipatov “news”.

Interviewed by “Izvestia” experts generally recognize the need for activities and programs for the prevention of extremism and patriotism, but note: the main thing is to be prudent in their scope and content.

— The current Federal program is extremely weak and in fact implemented only to the holding of exhibitions and festivals, so the new necessary — the President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov.

However, in his opinion, to unite under one state program activities targeting policy in the sphere of interethnic relations and Patriotic education methodically wrong is a completely different task.

— Extremism in the Federal program at all, however, you need to understand that the fight against it is not the case of FADH, his business — trend analysis and preparation of proposals to improve the regulatory framework, the Agency can be quite useful. Tracking the risks associated with ethnopolitical and religious conflicts, the analysis and relief of those risks is a very important issue, — said Remizov. — Create a serious monitoring system and conduct regulatory activities — this is precisely the main function of the Agency, it should not deal only with law enforcement agencies. But Patriotic education is a completely different topic, completely different class of tasks, and combine them under one state program is more likely to harm than to benefit, he added.

The trend of xenophobia in Russian society is very common, so it is important to instill in young people respect for the other groups, says head of sector of studying of xenophobia and preventing extremism of the Institute of sociology Vladimir Mukomel.

Questions of patriotism, in my opinion, now becoming excessively affectively character in the result events pass through a variety of programs. If we talk about the education of patriotism in the way that it is not national chauvinism, and respect for other nationalities, such events have to be incorporated in the state program. The main thing — to observe a reasonable approach, he explained.