Kadyrov explained the origin of the phrase about the killing of Russian soldiers

Kadyrov explained the origin of the phrase about the killing of Russian soldiers

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in an interview with TASS said that supposedly uttered the phrase about the murder of the Russian military deliberately invented.

“Never, nowhere, nobody, neither jokingly nor seriously said that Russian soldiers were killed. Never said this! These words attributed to me, they deliberately launched in a Network,” he said.

Kadyrov stressed that these words circulate, but knows that “this is a blatant lie.”

Yes, during the first campaign I with in arms was with his people. I was young then, and stupid, but always was near outcomesin Kadyrov

Kadyrov recalled that at that time they took away from the militants and brought to Grozny the two captured soldiers and one contractor, but decided to transmit them to the headquarters.

According to him, the current Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Musa Dadaev then also returned the prisoners to the Federal authorities contractors and said, “We are not animals. Treat them like human beings. Let them go home and tell the mothers and wives that the Chechens are defending their land”.

Of course, you can decide what Kadyrov is afraid to speak the truth, and if society does not react. I’ll be damned if don’t answer as it was! I have nothing to hide. Again, I went with my father. There… And he, as a mufti, saved the life of many voennosluzhaschego Kadyrov

In 2006, in an interview, “Газете.Ru” Kadyrov said that he had decided to go for an Alliance with the Federal center itself, as “ideologically stood in the way” and said it “was not persuaded”.