In Crimea, invited Canada in response to sanctions pressure reducing drug

Dmitry Polonsky

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of internal policy, information and communication, Republic of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky commented on the imposition by Canada of sanctions against Crimeans. Such actions are associated with fear “one of the British colonies” to Russia, he said on Tuesday, November 29, in the comment to “”.

28 Nov Canada made Polonsky and 14 in the Crimean black list. “That’s right made! And then suddenly I, along with colleagues from this list were, say, in Quebec! You see, and a unified Canada would not like this one! …And maple syrup is outright disgusting!” — laughed the Deputy Prime Minister.

However, according to him, he “surprised how such a “strong” country that considers itself a world States leaders, afraid of a small group of leaders who simply, along with all the Crimeans returned to the Crimea for the Motherland!”

“As for the “maintain the necessary pressure on Russia,” the absurdity of this decision can be explained only ongoing and caused by the fear of great Russia hypertension canadian officials responsible for international policy is just one of the British colonies. Can send parcel captopril is to reduce the pressure,” said Polonsky.

Monday, November 28, the government of Canada under a policy of exerting pressure on Russia over the situation in Ukraine has imposed sanctions against 15 people, including six state Duma deputies from the Crimea.

The list includes state Duma deputies elected from Crimea and Sevastopol — former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Ruslan Balbec, the former Deputy speakers of the state Council Konstantin Bakharev and Andrei Kozenko, as well as Svetlana Savchenko, Paul Speraw and Dmitry Belik. In addition, the list mentioned Anna Anokhina, Svetlana Borodulina, Valentin Demidov, Irina Kiviko, Mikhail Nazarov, Victor Palagin, Dmitry Polonsky, Oleg Shapovalov and Andrew Vasyuta.

As noted, the decision was made “to maintain the necessary pressure on Russia until it fully fails to fulfill its international obligations of Ukraine”.

Against the defendants in the list begins to act a ban on entry to Canada, and their assets, if there are canadian jurisdictions that are subject to freezing. Clarifies that these sanctions were imposed in response to the elections of 18 September in the state Duma and officials.

Similar decisions on sanctions in the autumn were adopted by the EU, USA and Switzerland.