The agony of the “bad boy”: Poroshenko is torn between Russia, USA and Europe

“The bad guys” Poroshenko is now screaming on every corner that his own, burzhuinskie that the interests of America to continue to be relatives only. And so suddenly the President-elect trump won in US only because of the support of Ukraine and due to the personal efforts of the Ukrainian President. And, accordingly, this is the trump must now be extremely grateful and continue to financially support the Square as a bulwark against the hated Russia.


If you follow the recent statements of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, as his new American counterpart, Donald trump, even without waiting for the inauguration, almost every hour nazvanivaet to Kiev “to my dear friend Peter”. Something about Crimea asks, promises to come to visit almost immediately after the new year, then just “kindness and warmth” for fifteen minutes just talking.


And, of course, support the policy in dealing with Russia. The press service of the Ukrainian President has already run off your feet, coming up with new reasons to “communicate” his patron with Donald trump, referring only to the unilateral assessment of “telephone conversations” in the mouth of Poroshenko.


Let’s be clear-the new American President there are many reasons for future headaches, which he will get from Barack Obama. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan – there is a mess. Global problem – China, which trump wants to bring most of the production of all consumer goods (from mobile phones to soft toys) that will give them the promised American workers.



This is the tangle of contradictions! Here to open confrontation with China in the neighborhood in which it is still unknown who will win. And against this background the Tramp, it seems very purple everything that happens in the last two years in Ukraine. No, of course it is geographically where the state is approximately, and even likely in the subcortex of the brain to remember the name “Crimea”, but to understand, and even more detailed understanding of the Ukrainian problem will not be exact.


But the current state of Poroshenko can be described well-known phrase “the cat Knows whose meat is eaten.” Lured West “Maidan revolution”, in the Wake of which one Ukrainian oligarch has appeared more acceptable to the Directors of the coup in the Ukraine turned out to be useless. Yes, there were “cookies Albright,” the support of the then Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the obvious interest of the CIA and even long-range plans of the Pentagon to create military bases and deploy missile defense systems.



But it collapsed even before it became known the outcome of the U.S. election, which the Ukrainian President was a blow below the belt. Ukraine simply became uninteresting in global terms, and its software and content was patch case for the European Union and the United States. Even this dream of Ukrainians as Russia’s “window to Europe” with the visa-free regime was deeply broken and unattainable.


“Poroshenko now find themselves in the position of some persona non grata in their own country, – said the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Sablin. – All his promises and public projects is held solely on the support of the European countries and the USA. The result is that Ukraine is not “TSE Europe”, the further cooperation with NATO is a big question. Poroshenko openly panicked. The allies lost. After all, its bid has been on anti-Russian forces and they are becoming less.



Remember, as the Ukrainian President fled to the Turkish President Erdogan, when sparked in the Russian-Turkish relations – he even said that Zaporozhye Cossacks were best friends of the Janissaries. But it didn’t work. Poroshenko appealed to Poland and Israel, and Romania. He would and Honduras would be willing to bring in allies, but he somehow sponsored anti-Russian relations. Last chance is very shaky at home political person Merkel in Germany and Hollande in France who still somehow trying to present themselves as significant players on the European horizon.


In 2014, the new Ukrainian government, it seemed that their main trump card in the loyalty of the West is yapping on Russia. And here they achieved a lot – were left without gas, without entrenched for decades in the turnover, destroyed the centuries-old fraternal relations. Here it is, happiness, Russian we are now enemies with whom we have no more cases. But the hand with the feeder from the “new partners” and has not reached the Ukrainian mouths and, it seems, now does not make it.


What to do in this situation? In one well have spat, and the second and close are not allowed. Poroshenko is now trying to go to all lengths to take any oath, only to regain the support of the West. It seems to me that he is unlikely to get at least to the extent that counts. Turn to Moscow it is not just conscience does not allow, and the understanding that once betrayed that something good should not wait.



Remember, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has said: “We respect any choice the Ukrainian people and will always consider Ukrainians our brothers?” And Russia still adheres to a political position. Something needs to change in Ukraine itself and then I’m sure everything will be fine”.


“Poroshenko is now in agony, he get into on a sugary mask sort of a peacemaker, and at the same time ready to go to any meanness, any provocation, – said the military expert Vladislav Shurigin. – Draw a direct parallel – the downed Malaysian Boeing became the subject of lengthy proceedings, which at a very early stage of the investigation, the culprit tried to call Russia.


For a long time this version was actively pedaling in the Western media and statements of politicians. Battalions of Ukrainian Nazis shot civilians, burned with fire in the Donbass, but it is not attracted the attention of Western public men, they were too busy with the plane. Now Ukraine declares about the possibility of rocket firings over the Russian Crimea, in the “training” purposes.



Clear that will come back to me in full. The aim here is to try to attract attention, arouse pity. Again ask for money and military assistance. But the second time, these cheap tricks do not pass. And then bet Poroshenko on the principle of “sink or swim” may result in such endings are lost.”


Poroshenko now is really very afraid. No, not Russian tanks in Kiev, and not even to attack the militia in the Donbass. You will not believe, but his chocolate factory, he is also quite calm. As a true “malchish-bad guy” that needs a jar of jam and a box of biscuits, he desperately shaking from the thought of losing the loyalty of the owner, which he all of these benefits and is able to provide. Who’s the boss – doesn’t matter. It’s all about.


Author: Viktor Sokirko

Photo: Aude Guerrucci/dpa/Nazar Furyk/ Globallookpress/