Syrian soldiers attacking terrorists in Aleppo: footage of fights

Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Republic liberated from the terrorists almost half of the territory East of Aleppo. Fighting continues in the vicinity of the city, the Syrian army continues its offensive to consolidate the success. In the presented video captures the fighting near the city airport in the area of Sheikh Lutfi.


Earlier it became known that under the control of government forces moved 12 blocks East of Aleppo. Among them Sheikh fares, Badin, al-qadisiyah, Haidari, al-Ghani, Sheikh-Hashr, Sheikh Khader, al-Badr, Tariq Sheikh Najjar, Tiral-El Khalek, Bustan al-Basha and khays-es-Sahour.


In addition, currently more than five thousand civilians left still held by terrorists areas of the city and moved to safe quarters. There they receive a hot meal, medicines and warm clothes.