Media reported on the consideration trump the nomination of Petraeus to the post of Secretary of state

David Petraeus

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is considering the candidacy of former head of the CIA General David Petraeus for the post of Secretary of state. On Monday, November 28, reports Bloomberg, citing a source in the command of the Republican.

According to the Agency, trump plans to meet with Petraeus during the day in new York.

November 23, the former head of the CIA has said it agrees to enter into a new administration if he gets an offer from the elected President of the United States.

Three days before that, a senior adviser to trump, Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party Pribus Raines said that as the Secretary of state considers the candidacy of the former Governor of Massachusetts MITT Romney. Priebus explained that other candidates are also not excluded.

General David Petraeus — former commander of Multinational forces in Iraq and US forces and NATO in Afghanistan. From September 2011 until November 2012 he held the position of Director of the CIA. Resigned after the scandal connected with hacking email to his alleged mistress. As it became known, Petraeus gave her friend and employee of the Field Bradwell access your email from the CIA and other secret information.