Juppe conceded defeat in the primaries and announced the support of Fillon

Alain Juppe

Candidate in the primaries of the French center-right party “the Republicans” Alain juppé, conceded defeat and said that in the presidential election of 2017 will support winning in the second round his opponent françois Fillon. About it reports Reuters.

The previously announced preliminary results of the second round of primaries. According to the latest data, Fillon receives 68.4% of the votes.

The first round of the primaries of the party “the Republicans” held on November 20. Fillon then also showed the best result, leaving behind former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Election of the President of France will be held in April-may 2017.

Fillon was Prime Minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy, Juppe — when Jacques Chirac.