In the Kremlin told, what will be the message of the President


Russian Newspaper

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has promised special content message to the Parliament on 1 December.

“Presidential address to the Federal Assembly is the conventional format, but no message like the other”, – said the representative of the Kremlin, answering the question of how will vary the current President.

“So, of course, and this year it will be different in content, maintaining that Putin’s main terminal,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Recall that the President will address both houses of Parliament with the annual Message of 1 Dec. Dmitry Peskov, according to tradition, did not tell about the details of the treatment, offering to wait for the actual speech of the President.

The current Message will be the 23rd in the modern history of Russia and 13-m for Putin. Traditionally, the event begins at noon Moscow time in the St. George hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. In addition to parliamentarians from the state Duma and the Federation Council, on delivering the Message invited members of the government, chairmen of constitutional and Supreme courts, the Prosecutor General, the head of the Central election Commission, accounting chamber and the Public chamber, regional leaders and other dignitaries, heads of major denominations and representatives of the media. The speech is broadcast on live television and radio.

The message to the Federal Assembly is one of the major presidential events and calls the appropriate interest of the Russian (Federal and regional), and global media. In the past year to work in the Grand Kremlin Palace was over five hundred accredited journalists representing various Newspapers and magazines, online media, television and radio.

The duty of the President to read out the Message which assesses the situation in the country and main directions of domestic and foreign policy, defined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.