Greece refused to participate in the cold war against Russia

Sergey Lavrov and Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Kodzias

Greece will never agree “to play in the cold war” against Russia. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the special adviser to the Prime Minister on cooperation with Russia Dimitrios, Valanis.

“To think that Greece is banning something is a big mistake, this is absurd. No pressure and no ban, never was and never will be. Let each one Express their attitude to Russia, that’s their business,” said, Valanis.

Speaking about Russia’s role in world politics, Galanis noted that none of the countries and peoples of Russia is not harmed by their actions.

“We believe that Russia helped and helps many peoples in the region. We believe that the presence of Russia in Syria to stop the spread of the plague of terror in the vast region. Experience has shown that the involvement of Russia in the events contributes to the rampant lawlessness and terror, like it was in Libya, in Iraq and in other countries in the region,” the official said.

25 November of this year, a source in the defense Ministry of Greece said that Athens does not intend to curtail cooperation with Russia in the field of security. “With the Russian Navy all will go very well, they (the ships of the Navy of Russia — approx. “Of the”) will be moored, they will normally be supplied in Greece. The supply will be in accordance with the rules. And, of course, is unacceptable no pressure, so we do not give fuel to Russian ships. All the talk about this stopped,” he said.