The US media told why NATO is afraid of Kaliningrad “”

A small piece of Russia “in the heart” NATO brings the Alliance into a real horror about it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the correspondent of the publication The National Interest Robert Farley.


The journalist refers to Kaliningrad, which, according to the author, after the Soviet Union collapsed, itself adjacent to Russia.


It also notes the publication of the fact that when the Baltic countries joined NATO, Kaliningrad suddenly became a “hostile territory in the heart of the Western Alliance. This has made it particularly vulnerable, and at the same time is potentially dangerous from a military point of view,” notes Farley.


The author also notes that frightened the fact that there were transferred missile systems s-400 and “Iskander-M”.


“As has been noted in publications of the National Interest, the s-400 is one of the deadliest missile systems in the world,” he writes.


Farley also notes some distinctive features of Russian air defense system, due to which the Alliance would be “inconvenient and difficult” to provide air support in the skies near the Baltic States. In particular, he focuses on the different missiles that can cover distances of 40 to 400 kilometers.


If we talk about the “Iskander”, as Farley writes, accurate data about what they can do, “is still hard to find.” However, he notes, is that “they are able to send conventional or even nuclear warheads for a distance of about 400 kilometers.”


Also, according to the author, NATO supposedly has the ability to make “political steps” that destabilisateur the situation in the Kaliningrad region, Moscow is not at hand.


The representative of the state Department of the USA John Kirby has called this week on Russia to renounce the deployment in the Kaliningrad region With-400 and “Iskander-M”, since, according to him, it is alleged destabilizie security of the European Union. According to him, he also understands that Russia is fully entitled to occupancy of these complexes on its territory.


The Russian side has repeatedly stated that Russia is strengthening its defense in response to the emergence of the American missile defense in Europe. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, in this regard, Moscow is necessary to strengthen the system of aerospace defense in the West. In this gain, according to his statements, is also the location of the s-400 and Iskander complexes in Kaliningrad, as well as the creation of new formations in the WMD and SMD.


Photo: defense Ministry