Propagandy in the Kremlin Klintsevich turned the spotlight on journalists

Franz Klintsevich

Senator Franz Klintsevich believes that the journalists incorrectly conveyed the essence of his statements about nuclear Russia’s response to NATO’s actions. He said this radio station “Moscow Says”.

“Journalists are not always given, especially those who write the situation as it is untrue. I think that is absolutely incorrectly conveyed what I say”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security.

At the same time Klintsevich was not able to articulate what members of the media have distorted and what exactly he had in mind.

The Senator agreed with the comment of the press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov said: “Sands is right about one thing, here the conversation is not about what Klintsevich takes some decisions. I said we will respond by all means, if there is such a threat.”

“But we are talking about NATO, promoting military bases to the borders of Russia, by and large, to build infrastructure and a springboard,” added the Senator, stressing that such actions pose to Russia the danger.

Thursday, November 24, Klintsevich said that, in response to the aggressive actions of NATO, the attempts of the block “to attract new members” from Moscow to follow a rigid answer: “We are targeting your weapons, including atomic, to any threatening us objects of the Alliance, wherever they are located” (quote from the RIA Novosti and Interfax are identical).

Peskov, commenting on these words, said that the legislators can have their own opinion, however, the foreign policy of Russia is determined by the President.