Ortega announced Nicaragua’s nine-day mourning in connection with the death of Castro

Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega announced his country’s nine-day mourning in connection with the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro. This was reported on Saturday, November 26, on the website of the President.

In the decree signed by Ortega, noted that the government and people of Nicaragua expressed “solidarity and unity” with the Chairman of the Council of State and Council of Ministers Raul Castro, the wife of Comandante Dalia Soto del Valle, their children, grandchildren, and family and all the Cuban people.

In addition, an eight-day mourning in connection with the death of Castro declared the President of Algeria Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, the Agency Algeria Press Service. The head of state from myself and behalf of the citizens of Algeria condolences to the Cuban people and to the family of commander.

“With his death I lost a friend and colleague for half a century. In addition, it is a great loss for all Algerians who had for commander a sense of respect, admiration, and mutual sympathy”, — reads the statement of Bouteflika.

Earlier, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro declared three days of mourning in connection with death of the leader of the Cuban revolution. In addition, within two days, the flags will be flown at half-mast in Uruguay.

90-year-old Fidel Castro died on November 25 at 22:29 local time (06:29 MSK). On the death of his brother, announced the head of Cuba Raul Castro, in an address on national television. The body of the leader of the revolution will be cremated. The mourning will last nine days, ending December 4 will be held the funeral of commander.