ISIS used chemical weapons against the opposition in Northern Syria

Militants “Islamic state” has used chemical weapons against the Syrian opposition in the province of Galilee in the North of the country. These data were provided by the Turkish General staff, reports Anadolu news Agency.

It is noted that 22 fighters of the opposition parties identified the evidence on the use of IG shells with poisonous gases.

It is also reported that as a result of the air raids conducted by the Turkish air force as part of operation “shield of the Euphrates” in the area Anifah in the North of Syria, dismantled four terrorist targets.

In mid-November about the use of ISIS chemical weapons in Aleppo said in the Russian Ministry of defense. The attack injured 30 the Syrian military.

In the beginning of the month it was reported that the militants shelled the liberated area “1070” in Aleppo shells with toxic substances. Two people died and dozens were hospitalized. On 30 October, militia in Aleppo said that the militants struck an improvised missiles with poison gas on the positions and arrangement of the government troops in the area of the Academy al-Assad.