In Wisconsin filed a request for a recount

In Wisconsin filed a request for a recount

The electoral Commission of Wisconsin received a request for a recount of votes in the US presidential election held on 8 November.


A request was submitted to the presidential candidate of the green Party Jill Stein. Previously, she has collected 2.5 million dollars to pay for a recount. Stein also calls for a recount in the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The US electoral system is arranged in such a way that the President is elected not by the whole country as a whole and each state individually.

The resulting system is more favorable to those candidates who win, albeit with a modest superiority, in a large number of States, rather than to those who won a landslide victory, but only a few densely populated States.

In the presidential election won by the Republican nominee Donald trump. Due to the victory in large number of States, he received the most votes of the electoral College.

However, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of trump in the direct support of voters at the national level. According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday for trump was filed 62,2 million votes, and Clinton 64.2 million