Electric Balaclava will protect athletes from the cold

Electric Balaclava will protect athletes from the cold

British and German scientists have unveiled a Balaclava that warms inhaled air using an electric current. The novelty may be useful for athletes involved in winter sports. On the development researchers reported in a press release on the website of Nottingham Trent University.

In humans, during sport respiratory rate increases average two to three times. Accordingly, when exercise in the winter on the street, people are inhaling more cold air than usual. This can lead to various diseases, such as tracheitis or bronchitis. Therefore, scientists have created a Balaclava that will help athletes to avoid health problems.

Developed by researchers stirs a ski mask entering the lungs using a small piece of tissue, composed of electrically conductive threads — it’s sewn to the area around the nose and mouth.

The heating element is connected with located on the back of his head rechargeable solar battery that is a source of weak current. Passing through the filament the electricity heats them up to forty degrees, while not causing the man any discomfort.

In the rest of the ski mask is very similar to other hats. It is made from a mixture of wool and lycra, and can be washed in the machine. Her prototype has already been shown this year at the exhibition of the Outdoor Industry Awards, where he received one of the major awards.

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Scientists are of the opinion that “smart materials” will be able to significantly improve the lives of people. In their opinion, the use of special textiles for manufacturing clothing will help to reduce the risk of illness from hypothermia.

In addition to the materials that help keep heat, researchers create fabric that allow it to effectively dissipate. One of the latest developments in this area is a semi-synthetic material based on nanoporous polyethylene. It is made of clothes could become popular in tropical countries. In addition, the “smart fabric” can sometimes “take care” and human security. Recently, the American company Luminus organized the collection of money for the jackets and backpacks with led lights that will be useful to runners and cyclists at night.

Christina Ulasovich