Dembelsky chord Obama: what kind of provocation to expect from the lame duck

In January 2017, the White house will take guests – Barack Obama, who held the position of President of the United States of America, is leaving his post, behind the oval office Donald Trump. Many experts see the change in President as a good sign, but until the moment that Barack Obama will cease to perform the duties of the head of state, many regions of the world in which the United States is bogged down on the ears, can break out again. The consequences of “dembelsky chord” President Obama does can be unpredictable.


Not a brotherly provocation



The armed coup in Ukraine, overthrowing the legitimately elected President and the beginning of punitive operations in the South-East of the country was accompanied by exceptional informational support from the Western countries. Officials of the European Commission, Vice-President and other senior politicians from Europe and the United States suggested to experts and ordinary citizens think that the President Poroshenko and the components of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers policy is not independent in its decisions.


Surprisingly, the visits of the Ukrainian President to Washington or foreign policy statements in the White house affected and continue to affect the conflict in the Donbass – fighting on the frontier area a no-no, and inflame with a new force the fault of the Ukrainian security forces and nationalist militias. However, the Armed forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, who learned to fight on the move and providing regular Ukrainian army fierce resistance practically put an end to the plans of Kyiv for a quick sweep of the region.


Requests for the supply of lethal weapons to Kiev the United States, in fact, ignored – a limited batch of decommissioned armoured vehicles and other equipment to establish the “real Ukrainians” in the territory of LNR and DNR did not help. The last hopes of Kyiv for the escalation of the situation collapsed after published results of the US presidential elections. Loud, unexpected for all to win Donald trump’s many shocked, after all, trump is first and foremost a businessman, accustomed to negotiate, and the representative of the globalists, waging wars for the sake of smooth running of their own businesses and receive profits.



Term “reformatting” policy of Ukraine under the newly elected President will mean that if from Washington comes the command to leave the position and stop fighting President revolutions will have to comply. Otherwise, a failure of the will of the Kiev regime can “shut off the financial tap” is to deprive of money in the form of loans. The flip side of today’s Ukraine are nationalists and neo-Nazis, anti-Russian and anti-Russian sentiments which from time to time will be in relative peace.


It is these forces capable of great military provocation in the bypass of the incumbent President of the country – such opinion in interview to TV channel “Zvezda” was expressed by the military analyst, associate Professor of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev. “While the nationalists crossed a virtual line, after which serious consequences – nobody touches them. But the fact is that the team that the situation is worsening at any time in any place can come from abroad, and the impact can be not only Russian citizens, against whom they traditionally serve,” – said the expert.



The desire Poroshenko “to curry favor” before the new leadership of the United States the current administration and the security forces engaged in contacts with Ukraine, can be seen as a rejection of duty and then… the neo-Nazis can keep a leash straight to President Poroshenko and all who decided to “peredogovarivatsya” with the new owners of the White house. Nothing good such a prospect promises and the people’s republics in the Southeast of the country. When you consider who and in what conditions gave the order to launch the so-called “anti-terrorist” operation, the aggravation of the situation by the hands of neo-Nazis is possible.


That the Ukrainian authorities will not be solved any military provocation without “friendly push in the back” from Washington says the Russian political scientist, doctor of political Sciences Andrey manoylo. According to the expert, “missile exercises” that APU was going to have in the Black sea – another example. “Revolving door, Obama, who flies around the world, aims to create a Trump of a maximum problem. Ukraine is no exception, because everyone understands the consequences of such a step. The Ukrainian military intended to launch missiles in the Black sea, dangerously close to the Crimea. Where after the start of the fall of Ukrainian missiles – we know. For me, it is obvious that under the guise of training exercises, the Ukrainian leadership is planning a dangerous military provocation”, – the expert added.


East – a delicate matter



The failure of plans regarding Syria and the inability to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, the Obama administration is perceived very painful. The Syrian dimension is one of the most disastrous from the democratic administration in General and in the career of John Kerry and Barack Obama in particular. The plan for the overthrow of the President and the mercy of the country bursting at the seams “moderate” terrorists failed to dissociate from the radical militants, and the success of the government troops with the support of videoconferencing have led many experts to think about the possibility of destroying “moderate”, and the time frame in which this event happens. Compounded by the paralysis of the American presence in Syria because the newly elected President of the United States open confrontation prefers agreement on any issue – and Syria in this context is no exception.


However, these circumstances do not guarantee that in the near future “moderate militants”, or controlled by the monarchies of the Gulf armed groups do not begin in agreement with the American “colleagues” to massively use chemical weapons, or will arrange daily massacres. However, one unknown in the Syrian equation until you can remove the – the direct intervention of U.S. Armed forces in the conflict and air strikes by the Syrian army at the moment is not expected.


Such opinion in interview to TV channel “Star” said political analyst Andrei manoylo. It is worth mentioning that the us air force has repeatedly invaded Syrian airspace and have impeded the advancement of the Syrian army against the militants. The apogee of arrogance became the strike force of the international coalition led by the United States on the government of the army. Four attacks in the province of Deir ez-Zor claimed the lives of 62 soldiers of the SAR, and more than a hundred soldiers were injured. It is noteworthy that immediately after the attack, the militants went on the offensive.


Taking into account more than once shown arrogance and sweepolet in the Syrian skies from the U.S. air force in the area was to be expected and much more unpredictable action – up to “random” attacks by Russian aircraft in the skies of the SAR. However, experts believe that with the victory of the trump and fast “demobilization” of the Obama administration the likelihood of such an incident is extremely low. “The current situation is different because in the first Obama would not give such an order. Secondly, he leaves. And execute his orders, most likely, will not.



The generals focused on trump and spoil your career, no one will. Therefore, in Syria the Americans will try to get around any sharp corners,” said political analyst Andrei manoylo. Complex and not fully predictable situation with the “moderate” rebels will remain despite the expiration of President Barack Obama. Supply and work of such “organizations”, whose main goal is to destabilize the country needs to carry out security services in close cooperation with the Department of state, and it means “on the ground” these professionals can take any action to declare officially which can neither the US President nor the Ministry of defense.


For example, the decision to withdraw from the cease-fire or the shelling of residential areas of Aleppo can be made to bypass official channels and submitted as “self-defense” of those whom the government army successfully pushes from Aleppo.


Former Jamahiriya


Libya is perhaps one of the most striking examples of American foreign policy in recent years. Illiterate, or rather, incompetent and inexcusable behavior of the Obama administration in this country is the establishment of sane of the transitional government actually split the country into several parts. However, the lack of centralized power, open war for resources, and complete peace of mind of the American administration can’t last forever. Experts predict that after a loud, heavy and ignominious defeat of the USA in the middle East, Libya may again become a “hotbed of evil” against which to fight….


The armed forces of the United States. The official reason for the beginning of a new invasion of the country could pass any legend from revenge for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, which, according to some, to death were sent with the blessing of (then) Secretary of state Clinton, or a true story about the struggle for freedom the people of Libya. Globalists – financial tycoons and arms corporations, so small, but very victorious war will be on hand. The decision is still vested with the authority of President Obama on the start of the operation in Libya will help to “recapture” lost on the loss, Clinton’s money and suck the United States into another war, requiring large expenditures.


The probability of such a war, easy to make, because Libya is close to the shores of Europe, and moved to the country during the existence of ISIS militants can “work up fat” and go on a Jihad tour of Europe. This development is quite satisfied with Europe – NATO countries with great joy “fit” in the struggle with this evil, which not just knocking at the door, and long enjoyed the hospitality of a European home. “The establishment of a branch of ISIS in Libya has long been discussed and is being discussed by all who are more or less familiar with the situation in Syria and Iraq”, explains in an interview with TV channel “Zvezda” military analyst Alexander Perendzhiev.



Given the richness of Libya’s weapons it is possible to conclude that the issue of bloody terror and redistribution of oil fields under the black flag with white characters has a right to exist, and due to the fact that according to various estimates, at least 15 thousand citizens of Libya fought or are fighting on the side of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, can be traced and the probable scale of the impending disaster. The main intrigue consists in, whether to risk the 44th US President Barack Obama to give the order to start fighting in this country, because the fighting will require considerable forces and means that will have to be redistributed.


It is worth mentioning that trick with the invasion of the country under the pretext of fighting anything the us government did more than once, and the probability of such scenario in Libya is growing from month to month.


Calm on the borders


Despite the transfer of European and American soldiers in the Baltic countries, in this region the probability of a serious military provocation, according to experts, is nearing zero. On the one hand, demonstrative build-up of armored vehicles and personnel in the Baltic countries symbolizes support senior… Russian weapons, in particular the PTRC “Iskander-M”, a cruise missile complex “Caliber” and “Bastion” can neutralize such support in a few minutes. President Obama and his administration as the Pentagon is well aware that to engage in war with Russia because of the “suburbs of Saint-Petersburg” they are not able neither to care nor anything else. The focus of the Russian defense Ministry and placing the missile to solve the questions which you can use through the territory of several States indicates that Barack Obama is aware of the consequences of any military provocation, because it may be the latter not only for the Baltic States but for the American military stationed in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


The loss of tens or even hundreds of troops from their own ambitions to the current occupant of the White house will not forgive. Special mention in connection with border incidents deserve and the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is no secret that a party is prohibited on the territory of Russia of the terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq are fighting not only the people from the Middle East. It is known that a significant number of citizens of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries massively joined the terrorists after the outbreak of hostilities. Surprisingly, to join the militants on personal belief I have not only ordinary people but also professionals, people from law enforcement agencies. The most striking example is the disappearance of the commander OMON of the interior Ministry of Tajikistan.


Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who at first even believed to be dead, suddenly emerged in Syria, saying that from now on will fight on the side of ISIS. Halimov is the most famous, and perhaps one of the most professional and trained members of ISIS. Most likely, the former commander of the riot police will not return Home. You can not say about the thousands of other citizens of former Soviet republics, which for different reasons is already fighting in Syria.


It is possible that the defeat of ISIS in Syria will contribute to the return of many of them back home. According to military analyst Alexander Berendeyev, in this case, it is possible to repeat already worked in American intelligence scenarios, adjusted to use a more prepared and capable people. “Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan – the most explosive regions, in my opinion. It may be that the experience gained during the “color revolutions” can be multiplied by the trained staff, and what in this case might be the consequences, is anyone’s guess,” – said the expert.


Regions in which the United States somehow tried to conduct anti-Russian policy with all the consequences on the world map missing. However, the obvious difficulty with the fracture of the situation in those places where the voltage is particularly hard – felt now. American foreign policy is constantly the ultimate in tone and position of the threats, tired of not only ordinary citizens, but also many leaders among the current administration. And most likely, some military and other high-ranking officials, if not directly sabotage the orders even of the President, that a significant delay in the implementation of the instructions will be carried out almost certainly. However, for those months that remain until the end of the presidency of Barack Obama should not relax – experience has shown that catastrophic and dramatic events tend to develop instantly.



Author: Dmitry Yurov

Photo: news @ 24 / YouTube Globallookpress Andrew Shurtleff , Emeric Fohlen , Maurizio Gambarini ,