At the Kiev station in support of the Ukrainians, the Russians sang “rozpryagayte, boys, horses”

At the Kiev station in Moscow, activists staged a flash mob and sang the song “rozpryagayte, boys, horses”in support of the Ukrainians, who on the day in Odessa, held a similar action only sang the Russian song “Darkie-Moldovanka” in the building of the station.


The Moscow choir of 50 people gathered. The passengers were a little more in contrast to Odessa, reserved and initially reluctant to sing, but then thawed, and even danced. One of the organizers of this action from the Russian side the participant of the project “New star” of TV channel “Star” musician Alexander Shcherbakov.


“We thought it would be good to make a reciprocal gesture to the people of Ukraine. To say that, despite all political issues, we are one people with a common past,” he said.