Trump has appointed an employee of Fox News Deputy national security Advisor

Kathleen Mcfarland

The US President-elect Donald trump announced on Friday, November 25, suggested that Fox News analyst Kathleen Mcfarland to become its Deputy national security adviser. This is stated in the message channel.

Mcfarland previously worked in the administrations of presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. She has already confirmed that it agreed to the proposal.

According to trump, Mcfarland “has a wealth of experience and innate talent.” In turn, Mcfarland said that trump “has the courage, brightness and power to make America great again”. According to her, it is a great honour to belong to his team.

In 1970-1976 Mcfarland worked as an assistant to Henry Kissinger at the national security Council. In the White house during Reagan’s administration, she worked as the first Deputy assistant Secretary of defense. In 2006, she ran for the Senate in new York, but failed.

On 17 November it was reported that trump was offered a Lieutenant-General in the resignation of Michael Flynn to become the adviser on national security.

The United States presidential election held on 8 November. Trump won, scoring at least 290 electoral votes, while the required minimum is 270. The voting of electors who formally elect the head of state, held on the 19th of December. Congress will approve the results of the January 6, 2017. The inauguration will take place January 20.