The source is called a false sense of pilot, the reason of falling of “Boeing” in Rostov

The reason of falling of “Boeing” of airline FlyDubai in March 2016 at Rostov-on-don when entering the second round was the sensation of sharp ascent, which emerged from the pilot. This was reported by “Interfax” informed source.

“He had the illusion that the aircraft when the lift has reached a dangerous angle of attack. Apparently, yielding a false feeling, he gave the knob “away from you” without looking at the position of the artificial horizon,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the phenomenon of the pilots face in reduced visibility during heavy acceleration or deceleration. The appropriate sensation for about commands sent to the brain the vestibular apparatus.

On 22 August it was reported that the investigation of the crash “Boeing” is nearing completion.

10 August, it was reported that the aircraft commander may deliberately transfer the stabilizer mode peak. The next day, the representative of the Interstate aviation Committee Artur Muradyan refused to comment on the report, noting that the main version of the incident is pilot’s error.

“Boeing 737-800” of the company FlyDubai flying from Dubai to Rostov-on-don, crashed while landing. All 62 people on Board were killed.