The Senator questioned the determination of Kiev to launch missiles in Crimea

Sergey Recoverability: the Russian government responded to the decision of Kiev about the missile firing

Warning Kiev’s plans to conduct missile firing in the area of Crimea will not lead to real action, said a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Sergei Tsekov. This opinion Senator from Crimea said in an interview with “ru” on Friday, November 25.

“I’m 99.9 percent sure that any action [from Ukraine] will not. It’s probably just a loud statement and nothing more,” — said Tsekov.

In addition, he noted that Kiev once again provoke the Russian authorities. “This show needs Ukraine to continue to attract attention”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Tsekov also believes that Western countries will likely once again turn a blind eye to the violation by Ukraine of international agreements. “They are always guided by double standards, especially when it comes to Russia and its allies,” the Senator said. However, he did not rule out that in extreme cases there are those who will warn Ukraine against such actions.

Earlier on Friday, the Federal air transport Agency reported that Ukraine in violation of international agreements, adopted a decision to hold rocket fire in the airspace of Russia in the Crimea. They are scheduled on 1 and 2 December.

Adviser to the head of Federal air transport Agency Sergei Izvolsky said that if Kiev does not give up its plans, Russia will ban airlines to carry out flights over the Peninsula in early December.