The grouping of Railway troops on railway construction to bypass Ukraine will be strengthened

KOLESNYKIVKA /Voronezh region/, November 26. /TASS/. The Russian defense Ministry has increased the grouping of Railway troops on railway construction to bypass Ukraine to more than 1 million people and to over 450 pieces of equipment, and in January 2017 the group will be even reinforced with additional units. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy Russian defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

“Created to date, the grouping of Railway troops consists of more than 1 thousand personnel and 452 units of automotive, engineering and special equipment,” – he said.

According to Bulgakov, to fulfill the tasks involved in five separate battalions of mechanization of southern, Central and Western military districts. Also involved two additional travel of the battalion of the southern military district.

“Since January 2017 it will be employed and another track, the battalion of this district,” – said Bulgakov.

Work on the construction of the railway in the zhuravka – Millerovo to bypass Ukraine, the ongoing Railway troops of Russia will be temporarily suspended during the Christmas holidays from December 25 to January 20.

“I set the task up to 8 December to complete the tasks on construction of roadbed and laying rail-sleeper grid on the stretch Zaitsivka-Sergeyevka, technique relocate to military camps and to organize the maintenance and repair”, – said Bulgakov.

In addition, he continued, “it is necessary to 25 December to return to the personnel involved in the work on the railway, in places of permanent deployment by air, rail and road transport, to guard cantonments and equipment property.”

At the same time the order “to organize from 10 January 2017 the nomination of personnel to the construction sites of the railway and from 20 January to begin implementing the assigned tasks”. “The officers and enlisted men from military service for the period of new year holidays will be released in the holidays and celebrate the New year among family and loved ones, the soldiers will celebrate the New year at the holiday dinner tables in places of permanent deployment”, – said the Deputy head of the defense Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the railway to bypass Ukraine will start functioning from August 15, 2017. The plot will build six new stations and reconstruct two existing ones.