NATO fears a mile away and bypasses the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” after the flight “Katran”

Starting in the Norwegian sea, aircraft carrier group, led by cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov of the Northern fleet, was escorted up to a dozen ships of NATO, the movement of the Russian squadron are constantly monitoring and sea and air. About it tells the correspondent of “Stars” Konstantin Isayev. The first appearance in the sky of the Ka-52K “Katran” has caused fear among NATO sailors from the time of his departure from the cruiser, near the “Admiral Kuznetsov” is not passed none of the reconnaissance aircraft of the unit.


The span of “Katran” was not intelligence operations. The pilots tested the possibility of a new machine. “Katran” is a new development of Russian engineers, naval version of army helicopter KA-52 “alligator”. Its speed reaches 300 kilometers per hour. It has a reinforced landing gear, high maneuverability, powerful weapons and radar. The campaign in the Mediterranean sea will be for the new Russian naval helicopter in determining, say the Russian military.


In parallel on Board the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” training of the crew. In between sorties of fighters there are the teachings of Marines, which checked the test pilots.