Media reported about the plans of the EU to take measures for Russian fuel supplies to Syria


RIA Novosti

The European Union is taking measures in connection with the supply of Russian fuel tankers in Syria, contrary to the EU sanctions against Damascus. About it reports on Wednesday, November 23, Reuters with reference to the informed source.

A spokesman said that Brussels is aware of the situation and “react to it”, but did not specify what measures can be taken. According to Reuters, the EU rules provide that the violation of the sanctions regime being discussed with the countries-members of the EU, responsible for enforcing them.

November 22, the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that operating within the EU sanctions on the supply of fuel to Syria does not relate to the air group of the Russian HQs.

Earlier, Reuters reported, citing sources, that the Russian tankers were supplying Syria with fuel, going at the same time in the Cypriot and Greek ports. Reported, in particular, that after visiting these ports and departure in the direction of Syria and Lebanon, the device can track where the tanker was allegedly disabled.

Sources in European intelligence agencies claim that within one to two weeks in October, the Russian tankers through the territory of the EU has brought 20 thousand tons of aviation fuel to Syria in the amount of about nine millions of dollars, based on current world prices.

According to two years ago, the EU decision on sanctions prohibited any deliveries of aviation fuel to Syria from the territories belonging to the European Union, regardless of whether this fuel is manufactured in the EU or not.