International experts found no Russian snipers on the Maidan

Ukrainian lawyer-criminologist Anna Painter in the Ukrainian TV channel “inter” said that no Russian Maidan snipers were not referring to the opinion of international experts that conducted the investigation after the events in Kiev, writes “it is Watered.Navigator”.


“They (international experts – approx. ed.) has questioned the presence of foreign trace in the crime. Accordingly, they gave us to understand that this investigation within the state, your shot at your, sort it out yourself,” said the Painter.


The discussion was devoted to the events on the Maidan, and cancelled a session of the court in Kyiv on the case of ex-soldiers of “Berkut”. The lawyer expressed his dissatisfaction with the police who failed to arrest 20 people, which gave to take out the fighters from prison, and the postponement of the meeting on 28 November.


“Ukrainian law allows you to do exactly this questioning and I, as a man who stood on the Maidan and was a lawyer and a volunteer, I would like to hear the responses of Yanukovych to the questions of the judges and the Prosecutor… I Think Yanukovych have something to say about those people who are now in power. Maybe to crimes on the Maidan and involved public people,” she said.


In addition, she noted that the international Commission reiterated its concerns about tightening by the Kyiv court of the case of the Maidan. In particular, according to Painter, the Commission came to this conclusion after investigation.

Video: Polit Navigator / youtube

Photo: Xinhua / Globallookpress