In the President’s administration is working across all departments

In the President’s administration is working across all departments

There are waiting for structural changes and curator of the territorial unit.

In the near future it is expected the order of the head of the presidential administration (AP) Anton Vaino on the reorganization of AP. Interlocutors “” do not exclude that AP will face a serious reduction in the number of departments, which is now 21.

While in the office of the President for domestic policy (Ohr) is not appointed curator of the territories, and the relevant officials in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation say that from the AP they “no induction was not.” First Deputy head of the AP Sergei Kiriyenko himself visited the regions was Yaroslavl, where he met with the Governor and the leadership of the local “United Russia”.

As a result of reorganization of AP the number of administrations can be reduced at least twice.

Initially, says Kommersant’s source, it was discussed that 21, the office will turn into 8-9. Up close to the source “b” does not exclude that the changes will be known next week, when will the President’s message to the Federal Assembly.

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The inclusion of management on public projects (headed by Pavel Zenkovich) in one of the key departments — the Department of internal policy said since the appointment of Sergei Kiriyenko, the first Deputy head of the AP. Both management now oversees Mr. Kiriyenko.

Kommersant’s sources say that the Ohr would merge the office for the activities of the state Council, which is responsible assistant to the President Igor Levitin (he is the Secretary of the state Council). The composition of the state Council include, in particular, governors and presidential envoys. About how they discussed the reorganization of the AP, “Kommersant” wrote on October 19.

Deputy head of the Department of internal Affairs, responsible for the territory, while still not assigned.

As wrote “Kommersant” on 24 October, this position was considered the head of Department on work with regions of Rosatom Alexander Kharichev.

Interlocutors “” in Ohr argued that the appointment of the curator there was no rush, as elsewhere in the regions there is a critical situation. Those with whom the AP needs to communicate to the regions, argue that changes in their work with the advent of the new leadership of the political block of the Kremlin has not happened yet.

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“Change we expect, when will the all-purpose. About the plans of the AP, we learn from the media,” — said Vice-Governor of one of the Central regions. A senior official of the government of one of the southern regions notes that “changes have not yet felt the”: “With a new political block me, nor colleagues with whom I communicate, not familiar. No induction was not.”

Sergei Kiriyenko, until he gets acquainted with the situation on the ground. Since the appointment on 5 October he had several trips to the regions. First Deputy head of the AP has already visited Sochi, Yalta (there was a forum onf) and in Yaroslavl on the forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia”.

In Yaroslavl he also met with the acting Governor Dmitry Mironov and the leadership of the local United Russia, told “Kommersant” a source in the local DePuy corps. Mr. Kirienko was interested in the state of Affairs in the region and encouraged the members to support the Governor.

Another source of “Kommersant” notes that the region on the one hand, “interesting Rosatom” and on the other is difficult from the electoral point of view.

For example, in the Duma elections 2011 “United Russia” won in the region of 29%, in 2016 — to 38.4%.

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Mr. Mironov, who previously worked as Deputy Minister of internal Affairs and FSO (according to Kommersant’s sources, he was the adjutant of the President), to be in the fall of 2017 to be elected the head of the Yaroslavl region on direct elections.

“To solve all what you think is right, the main thing — the absence of conflicts, that was the General meaning of the speech of Mr. Kiriyenko,” — said the interlocutor of Kommersant.

Note that in mid-November in the Yaroslavl region was scandalously arrested the mayor of Pereslavl-Zalessky Denis Koshurnikov. At the end of October at the forum of the popular front in Yalta Sergey Kirienko has arrived from Sevastopol, where he met with acting Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov. After having taken on 24 November amendments to the Charter the mayor is elected in direct elections.

How to write “Vedomosti”, Mr. Kirienko, in response to the question about results of a meeting with the Governor, briefly said, “Managed to discuss a lot of questions. Work.”

Sofya Samokhina, Andrew Pepper