White male in the US found a black teenager and shot debris

In the U.S. city of Charleston, South Carolina, a white man shot a black teenager. About it reports The Independent.

According to the 62-year-old William Pulliam, he acted in self-defense. He crashed into a 15-year-old James Mins on the street then went to the convenience store. Coming out, he found that James was waiting to hear him now approaching. After that, Pulliam pulled a revolver and shot the teenager twice in the stomach. A few hours later means died in hospital.

Police said Pulliam during the interrogation did not show any remorse. “I believe that thanks to me on the street just became less of garbage,” he explained. According to relatives and acquaintances of the Means, the teenager was completely harmless, was to charitable organizations and had many friends.

On inspection of the database revealed that Pulliam owned a gun illegally. He was forbidden to carry weapons due to the fact that he was convicted of domestic violence: in 2013, the man beat his pregnant daughter hit her in the face and kicking her in the abdomen. He spent six days in jail and was released with a trial period of a year.

Now, Pulliam is in jail, charged with murder. Knowing that he will not be released until December, the man said bitterly, in that case he loses his job and he has no choice but to declare a hunger strike.