“Vice-Admiral Kulakov” of the Ukrainian tows the ship: video

TV channel “Zvezda” publishes footage of towing a large anti-submarine ship of the Northern fleet “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” drifting in the Mediterranean sea, the Ukrainian fishing boat.


“Vice-Admiral Kulakov” transported him to the anchorage in the area of the Greek island of Gavdos (30 miles South of Crete).


The defense Ministry also reported that the ship with crew on Board in the near future will be transferred to the Greek rescue services. The condition of crew members is satisfactory.


For towing “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” has covered a distance of over 140 miles. After this the ship continued to perform combat tasks.


Ukrainian ship lost in the course of November 21 and two days were in the drift. The distress call said the Russian ship of the Northern fleet “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”.


The ship “Admiral Kulakov” is part of the carrier battle group in the Mediterranean sea. This large anti-submarine ship of the Northern fleet. Launched on 16 may 1980, entered the Navy on 9 February 1982

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry