The state Duma will postpone the draft law on deprivation of drivers of the rights for three violations

The state Duma will postpone the draft law on deprivation of drivers of the rights for three violations

The state Duma will postpone consideration of the resonant draft law on deprivation of drivers of the rights for three traffic violations. If the amendments to the Cao are approved, the rights may lose “half the country”, according to deputies.

The draft law on deprivation of rights for a period from one to five years, drivers who violate traffic rules (SDA) three or more times a year, most likely, will not be accepted by the state Duma before the end of the year, told RBC two people in the Committee of the lower house on legislation.

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With this initiative in the spring the government, the bill prepared by the interior Ministry. To deprive of the rights offered in three of the following violations: speeding on the value of more than 40 km/h; cross railroad tracks outside the crossing; driving through a red traffic signal; failure to give way to the vehicle having the priority right of movement; u-turn or reversing in places where such maneuvers are forbidden; the travel into the oncoming lane; turn or u-turn in places where it is prohibited by signs or road markings; failure to provide advantage in movement to pedestrians.

With the exception of traffic violations recorded by road cameras.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the measure is intended to reduce the death rate from traffic accidents: according to statistics provided in the document, in 2014 in Russia in road accidents killed 27,1 thousand 252,8 thousand were injured.

According to the government, nearly 87% of all accidents (173,9 thousand accidents) occurred due to the fact that drivers do not observe traffic rules, and almost 40% of the accidents (76.9 thousand) were caused by drivers who are repeatedly involved in administrative responsibility.

Repeated offenses usually commit a narrow category of citizens. In 2014, 4.2 thousand individuals and legal entities have committed more than 100 violations of driving regulations.explanatory Memorandum to the bill

In the first reading the draft law was adopted on 7 October, a collection of amendments to the second reading was given 30 days. But the legislation Committee did not consider the bill a second reading in November and has no plans to do that at the next meeting in early December.

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The bill caused a heated discussion during its consideration by the deputies in the first reading. “Ordinary citizens who go not in the “Gelandewagen”, and the usual Russian cars, will provide victims of crime with the usual corruption. No need to be a visionary to understand that this rule to any improvement of the situation with accident rate will not lead, and will lead to growth of corruption component,” — said the Deputy from LDPR Alexander Sherin.

Three violations in a year cannot be called systematic violation of the, noted Oleg Nilov from “Fair Russia”.

The bill requires a full discussion about to make it impossible, said RBC first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation, United Russia Vyacheslav Lysakov.

The bill will affect millions of motorists, not just thugs. Under the blow could fall, the carriers who spend half his life behind the wheel, it is their bread, it would be wiser to postpone it for next year.Vyacheslav Lychakovskycemetery of the Duma Committee on legislation

Lysakov will prepare for the second reading of the amendment which will exclude from the specified list of violations of nepropusk pedestrians. In addition, he believes that in this project the focus should be on the speed limit on size more than 60 km/h, not 40 km/h.

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Also, the MP will propose to exclude from the list the turn left and turn where it is prohibited, he told RBC. “Often the signs are contrary to the markup, we deprive the rights of half the country”, — concluded the Deputy.

The bill must be put on the shelf, according to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR).

“A document is to be debarred for violations for which already provided for such punishment. I hope that this initiative in the context of the new positioning of the state Duma in relation to the other branches of government will be postponed. The government has no longer the capacity to push what they used to be”, — he explained the RBC.

The Chairman of the Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov at the time of writing was unable to provide the review of RBC.

This bill will not lead to improved road safety, said Vice-President of the National automobile Union Anton Shaparin.

“The worst offenders on the road a little, less than 1%. They are less affect the number of accidents than the lack of ABS on the number of models sold on the Russian market. Instead of increasing road safety we will improve the level of corruption. In Soviet practice, it has been punctures rights for violations. It did not lead to anything good, — he said.