The Russians were nicer to US

The Russians were nicer to US

Moscow. 24 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the Attitude of Russians to the US has improved somewhat in recent months, although the proportion of those who perceive this country negatively is still high, reported “Interfax” on Thursday in “Levada-Center”.

According to sociologists, is now 28% saying that relate well to the USA (against 23% in September and 19% in may), and 56% — that is bad (64% and 70%, respectively).

Every second (54%) of respondents believes that the Russian-American relations after the election of the President of the United States Donald trump will improve. The opposite opinion is shared only 2% of Russians. Less than a third (27%) believe that between Russia and the United States, nothing will change.

Also, the survey found that 78% of respondents believe: the one who is the President of the United States, in varying degrees, affect the lives of Russians. Do not share their opinions 16% of Russians.