The Russians consider to be most important for onf problems of medicine, employment, environment


RIA Novosti

The Russians consider the health problems of employment, quality of housing and communal services and environmental issues as key areas to focus Russian popular front (onf), the fight against corruption in government as a priority called a little less than a third of respondents, and the least relevant to the work of the movement considered the issue of protection of entrepreneurs, it follows from the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion.

On the eve of the Moscow hosted the final in this year’s “action Forum” onf.

The poll was conducted November 12-13, 2016 among 1,600 respondents through telephone interviews. The statistical error for the sample does not exceed 2.5%. The survey asked respondents to Express an opinion about which areas should focus their work on the onf in their city or area, respondents could choose no more than five of the proposed options.

“First of all, the Russians consider it necessary to concentrate the forces of the popular front for the solution of problems of health and medicine (46%), unemployment and youth employment (45%), the quality and cost of housing services (41%), and the solution of environmental issues, the fight against illegal landfills (40%)”, — stated in the materials of VTSIOM.

About one third of respondents said the priority tasks of the movement raising the standard of living, the slowdown in the rate of inflation (35%), support the poor and vulnerable segments of the population (30%), fighting corruption in government (30%), education and upbringing of children (29%).

Less than a fifth of respondents named among the urgent tasks such as the formation of social infrastructure in new areas (17%), improvement of house adjoining territories (11%), security and activities of law enforcement, migration issues (9%).

“10% of survey participants said that the Front can help solve the problem of exit from a crisis situation in the economy of the city/region. The least relevant, according to estimates of respondents, is the issue of protection of entrepreneurs — as problem for the onf has named only 6%,” say the sociologists.