Signatures for candidates proposed to collect through the state services portal

The movement to protect the rights of voters “the Voice” suggested to use the portal of public and municipal services for the collection of signatures for candidates in the electoral campaigns. On Friday, November 25, reports TASS.

“We propose to consider, to ponder, to use the portal to collect signatures in addition to the traditionally existing practice of collection of signatures in signature sheets,” said co-chair of “Voice” Gregory Melkonyants at the conference “Electoral system of Russia: formation experience and development prospects”.

According to Melkonyants, this technology eliminates the “nagging issue subscription lists and operator error in data entry” and “removes the doubt which signature is reliable.”

The CEC said that the Commission is considering the possibility of using the portal, however, noted that the resource covers many of the citizens.

The elections to the state Duma, which took place on 18 September, through the process of signatures was not allowed any one of the parties. In most cases, the verification of the signature sheets there was a high percentage of marriage.

To collect signatures in support of candidates on elections in the state Duma are obliged all parties not having the so-called Federal benefits. It is produced political associations that have the mandate of at least one of the regional parliaments.