Putin has threatened to dismiss the officials who have become academics

Putin has threatened to dismiss the officials who have become academics

The President of Academy Vladimir Fortov said that the applicants met all requirements.

MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he intends to make personnel decisions regarding senior officials from the Administration of the head of state of several ministries and the FSB, which became the academicians and member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences despite his instruction not to combine doing science and the civil service.

At the meeting of the Council on science and education Putin has demanded from the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov to answer why the number of academicians were elected officials in spite of his recommendation not to do so. In response, the President of the Academy assured that the applicants met all requirements.

So they are great scientists, right? I think I’ll have to give them the opportunity to do science, because, apparently, their scientific activity is much more important than the performance of some routine administrative duties in government and management.Vladimir Putin

The President explained that “in former times we have a lot of representatives from different levels of government participated in election to the Academy of Sciences, including senior officials”. In this regard, Putin said that at the end of last year, he appealed to his colleagues and to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences “to refrain from participation (officials) in elections of new members of the state academies of Sciences by virtue of the fact that the people who replace the positions in public authorities, particularly at the upper stages, employed in the service, or should be, at least, employed in the service seriously, or they are not able to perform their duties, and to engage in scientific research can only spare time for people who is faithfully working in administrative posts, they don’t actually have”. “The question is: can they engage in scientific research in full and with the desired result?” — drew the attention of the head of state.

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“However, some of our colleagues from the office of the President, the Ministry of education, Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence, FSB and some other agencies took part in the election and was elected (to the Academy)”, — said Putin. He turned to Portovo and other members of the RAS with questions: “Why did you do it? They are the major scientists that without them the Academy of Sciences cannot do? And the second question: what do I do now?”.

Head of Academy of Sciences emphasized that all these individuals “said they received permission from their leaders.” Putin was not satisfied. “The question was not that. They are the major scholars, that they should be the member of journalist and academics?” — once again asked the head of state. “They deserve that their elected”, — said the head wounds. After that, the President of the Russian Federation and came to the conclusion about what actions should be taken.