Fillon has described as absurd the policy of Hollande in relation to Russia

Francois Fillon

Former Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon, one of probable candidates for the presidential elections in 2017, during the debate, former Prime Minister Alain Juppe has described as absurd the policy of the current President Francois Hollande in relation to Russia. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“The policy that for four and a half years spent in Russia, Francois Hollande, is absurd, she pushes Russia to hardening, to isolation, to nationalist action. And this is the world’s largest country, a nuclear power, and can’t do so”, stressed Fillon.

He added that in the current situation it is necessary to sit down at the negotiating table and to restore the lost connection.

While in international politics, Fillon intend to ensure that France was defending its own interests. “Of course, that is not in the interests of France to change the Alliance, it is not necessary to present it in caricature. We are a partner of the United States share fundamental values which are not shared with Russia. And are also allies of the US in the security field that is not in doubt”, — he stressed.

In turn, Juppe said that if elected President, hopes to restore the centrality of Paris to not have to choose between Washington and Moscow. “It is necessary that France was left by itself. I’m neither for those, nor for others. France must become what has long been one of the world’s leading powers,” he said.

Juppe said that France remains a close ally of the United States, but Washington constantly protects their own interests on a range of issues: trade, security, geopolitics, and the French need to do the same.

On 20 November, the first round of national primaries French pravieniskiu of “Republicans”. The best result showed the 62-year-old françois Fillon has left behind the former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy. The latter recognized his defeat and supported the Fillon.

The second round of the opposition scheduled for November 27. The presidential elections will be held in April-may 2017.