Cutting the camera with water showed on the video

Cutting the camera with water showed on the video

YouTube channel Waterjet Channel showed a video in which the experimenters-fans were subjected to SLR waterjet cutting. Pressure water jet, carefully dividing the chamber into two halves, reached approximately 4 thousand atmospheres (60 thousand pounds per square inch).

The authors of the movie showed the inner workings of the camera, including the lens and the pentaprism — reflective prism having in cross section the shape of a Pentagon. It is designed to turn the light flux to the viewfinder so that the user can see live image.

Channel dedicated to the Waterjet abrasive cutting of various items, including a bowling ball, a pumpkin, a car battery, the spider and the iPhone 7. In the water which is emitted with high speed and under high pressure, is a hard abrasive material.