Turkey has condemned the resolution on the fight against Russian propaganda

Benali Yildirim

The Prime Minister of Turkey Benali Yildirim condemned the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on countering Russian propaganda. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“The European Union, which is trying to ban Russian press, shows the poverty of its democracy,” said Yildirim.

Earlier on November 24, the Minister of labour and social protection of Serbia Alexander Wulin said the decision of the MEPs insult to common sense. “I can’t neither understand nor believe that such an important institution as the European Parliament, can afford to determine which media are allowed, whose editorial policy is allowed and who is not” — he was surprised.

Wulin also expressed the hope that “the international community and the Association of journalists will raise their voices against such behavior, to prevent such in any media.”

A day earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the EP resolution on countering Russian propaganda as a degradation of the conception of democracy. “This suggests that we are seeing obvious degradation in the political sense of the word the conception of democracy in Western society,” — said the head of state.

On 23 November the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the EU counter hostile foreign propaganda emanating in particular from Russia. The paper argues that the hostile propaganda against the EU and its member States are aimed at distorting the truth, making a split in relations between the EU and its North American partners, the difficulty of the decision-making process, the discrediting of the institutions of government, intended to cause fear and uncertainty among citizens Association.

As the main information-related threats to the European Union and its partners in Eastern Europe, the resolution stated the news Agency Sputnik, RT, and “social media and Internet trolls”.