Putin has called for strengthening the responsibility of officials unfinished social facilities



The responsibility of officials unfinished social facilities need to be strengthened, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the “Forum actions” all-Russia people’s front.

Member of the forum drew the President’s attention to the problem of fictitious commissioning of social objects. In the regions there are cases when the next day after the demonstrative opening ceremony of the kindergarten institution is run, because in reality it is unfinished, she said.

“We need to strengthen the control and strengthen the responsibility, – Putin responded. – It is necessary to understand only, in what form, it should be for the extra responsibility”. The President promised to bring this to the attention of prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

Under the current rule, the new objects are not allocated to the region prior to the completion of the construction, Putin said. This measure is intended to solve the problem of unjustified use of funds, carried out when works are executed on paper only, he said.