NI called the U.S. army a pale shadow of the former power

The US army is seriously weakened, writes in an article for the journal The National Interest , the Vice-President of the Lexington Institute Dan Gur.


“Today the US military are a pale shadow of themselves”, – said the American expert in the material.


According to estimates Gur in the army for the current year is listed only 479 000 soldiers. For three years in the army has decreased by a third the number of teams. In the USAF, there are about 5 thousand aircraft, and the Navy only have 273 ships.


Overall, says Gur, army, Navy and air force became weaker by about 40% than at the end of the Cold war.


Us expert drew attention to a dangerous trend: the need for a military force grows, however, the military potential of the United States falls. Gur does not exclude that in the event of a major regional conflict involving Washington, the level of losses can be very high.