Memorial challenges the organization entry in the register of “registered as foreign agents”


RIA Novosti

The international human rights society “memorial” filed a lawsuit in the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow in connection with the organization entry in the register of NGOs-registered as foreign agents by the decision of the justice Ministry, told RIA Novosti Executive Director of the organization Elena jemkova.

Earlier zemkova reported that “memorial” has sent objections to the Ministry of justice after the Agency has made a human rights society in the registry of foreign agents on the scan results. Response of the Ministry of justice on objections did not satisfy NGOs, therefore the organization began the preparation of an administrative claim.

“International “Memorial” yesterday filed an administrative lawsuit to the court for oprocentowanie decision of the Ministry of justice. The Zamoskvoretsky court” — said zemkova on Tuesday.

Memorial 7 December preparing for the meeting in the Tver court of Moscow in connection with refusal to voluntarily make itself in the registry of NGOs-registered as foreign agents,

In early October, “memorial” has reported on his page on Facebook, that organization became known that the Ministry of justice has decided that the international historical-educational, charitable and human rights society “memorial” should be included in the registry of “organizations performing functions of a foreign agent”.

Initially, the main task of the movement “memorial” was to preserve the memory of political repressions in Russia. Currently, the international society “memorial” (or “international memorial”) conducts research, advocacy and educational work. According to the latest data, in “international memorial” consists of 62 organizations from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine.