In Lipetsk a monument to the dead in Syria the pilot


RIA Novosti

Monument downed in Syria, pilot of the Russian su-24 Oleg Peshkov will be installed on the anniversary of his death on the grave of the pilot in Lipetsk, said on Tuesday the city administration.

Russian su-24 in November 2015 was shot down by Turkish F-16s over Syrian territory and fell by 4 kilometers from the border with Turkey. Ankara claimed that the su-24 entered its airspace. Russian General staff, said that the plane did not cross the border, it is confirmed the Syrian air defense. The pilot of the su-24 Oleg Peshkov during ejection was shot from the ground by militants in the territory controlled by the Syrian Turkmens. The deceased pilot was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, he was buried in Lipetsk on 2 December.

“Two United star granite wing will appear on the tomb of the Lipetsk military pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was killed during a combat mission in November 2015… opening of the monument is scheduled for 24 November and is timed to the anniversary of the tragedy”, — stated in the message.

Installation is completed in the town cemetery. Work is performed MBU “Funeral services”. According to hall, the layout of the monument, which was made on an individual project, negotiated with the widow of Peshkov.

Commemorative events dedicated to the opening of the memorial and the anniversary of the death of Peshkov, will be held on Thursday, November 24, at city cemetery in Lipetsk. According to city hall, they will participate in the military, relatives of the pilot, heads of region and city.

The name Oleg Peshkov immortalized on the stele of the monument to the fallen pilots on the square Aviators in Lipetsk. School in Lipetsk region, where the children learn character and where he acted on the lessons of courage, has the name of the pilot. A plaque to the memory of pilot have appeared in the village of Kosikha at Barnaul, where Peshkov was born and raised. Students of the Altai boarding school with initial flight training will receive a scholarship named after Peshkov.

In the Suvorov military school in Yekaterinburg the name Oleg Peshkov, a graduate of the 1987 plan forever to include in the list of personnel. This means that in school he will have a bed on it run cap and a sign with the description of the feat. On each evening roll call will sound the name of Oleg Peshkov.