Found on the bus in the South of Moscow a bomb was a bottle of gasoline

The police confirmed the discovery of an explosive device in a Greyhound bus in southern Moscow. On Wednesday, November 23, “the Russian newspaper” told in the press service of the emergency Department of South-Eastern administrative district.

As noted, during the inspection of underneath vehicle found only a bottle of gasoline. The information was transferred to the district police Department.

Earlier it was reported that the bus, operating on route Novomoskovsk (Tula region) — Moscow, found an improvised explosive device. It happened near the house number 33 on Walnut Boulevard. The place was called the sapper, which removed a suspicious object.

In October mines and detonators were found in the car at the station Cohline of the Gorky direction of Moscow railway. Composition overtaken on sidings. Later, the defense Ministry explained that the ammunition was transported in one of the compounds of the Western military district, was done in accordance with the requirements of security, they were dismantled.