Clinton urged to seek a recount in three States

Hillary Clinton

The team of specialists on election law and computer experts called on the staff of the former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton to seek a recount in three States. According to them, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania could be a cyber attack in order to manipulate the election results, the Associated Press reports.

One of the authors of the initiative, Director of the Center for computer security at the University of Michigan Alex Halderman found no evidence of cyber attacks or any other election irregularities. At the same time, he called for a recount to rule out the possibility. “The only way to know if it had any effect on the result of a cyber attack is to carefully examine the available evidence: the ballots and voting equipment,” said Halderman, in an article published on the portal Medium.

The expert acknowledged that “most likely explanation” victory trump is “systematically incorrect” results of public opinion polls that pointed to leadership Clinton.

As recalled by AP, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Republican candidate won only by a small margin. Headquarters Clinton has not commented on this appeal, and the timing of the filing of the petition for reconsideration of votes in all three States expire in the next few days.

November 8, the country held elections won by the Republican candidate, who received 290 electoral votes with 270 needed. However, Clinton is ahead of trump by more than a million votes of their citizens, but the final result is not affected.

The last recount of votes in the US presidential election was held in 2000 in Florida. Then Republican candidate George W. Bush ahead in this state rival, Democrat al Gore by only 537 votes. In the end the victory in Florida was given to Bush that allowed him to become the 43 President of the United States.